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E-Mail Archival Services - Final Archive

Final Source can also help your organization with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, or any other legal requirements you may have related to the storage and retrieval of e-mail. Our system can be configured to store all incoming and outgoing e-mail in a non-writable, tamper-proof, encrypted format. We will retain this information for you for any length of time required by you or by law.

Our system is capable of Archiving Email, Instant Messaging, and Bloomberg information. We access to all of your archived information using a web-based interface, and guarantee the integrity of all messages. Messages can also easily be searched across the entire organization.

Final Archive has the “best value” e-mail archiving solution.

Over 100 organizations from financial, governmental, healthcare, manufacturing, legal and high-tech industries have selected Final Source to meet their needs for email archiving, email investigations, storage reduction, regulatory compliance, and reporting. Final Archive's growth continues to accelerate due to its superior technology, ease of use and clear value.

Final Source has an advanced architecture that enables true overall storage savings, unrivaled search speed, and never-before-seen intelligence into the activities of the organization to truly understand and improve your business.

Search, e-Discovery, FRCP Compliance and Investigations

Final Source has the fastest and most advanced search interface on the market. This enables you to quickly, easily and confidentially respond to internal investigations, auditor queries, or legal discovery requests while complying with the new Federal Rules for Civil Procedures. You will save money by reducing the time that expensive in-house counsel, paralegals and IT staff spend searching for email. Additionally, you will have more accurate information, and can stop frivolous claims or settlements because you can get to the truth quickly and inexpensively.

Storage Management

Final ASP is the only solution that truly reduces overall email storage in your organization by up to 90%, improving server reliability and performance, reducing back up costs and times, and giving your users access to any email they ever sent or received, eliminating the need for PSTs.

Compliance and Policy Enforcement

Final ASP helps organizations quickly and securely meet government regulations such as SOX, SEC-17a3-4, FOI, GLBA, HIPAA, Basel II, Data Protection Act and others that require all emails to be stored in a tamper-proof, easily accessible location, and to be delivered within 24 hours. With Final ASP you can quickly search the archive to meet any request and deliver the results in seconds via print, email, and even exported to PST files.

Reporting for Business Intelligence

Final Archive is the only solution that provides wider business value by leveraging the wealth of business information in email. Robust drill-down reports allow you to monitor activity, spot suspicious unproductive behavior, get insight into usage of your company’s intellectual property assets or confidential data, and identify business opportunities that would have never been noticed before.