Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

What Our Clients Say

They saved 2 days of work for 27 employees

After a recent server upgrade, I wanted to find time to test the disaster solution of the Backup/Virtual Server purchased from Final Source. Unfortunately, the new server failed and forced us to put the solution to the test quicker than planned. After a phone call to Final Source we were up and running with the Virtual SQL server replacing our new one in less than an hour. We ran 2 days on this Virtual Server while parts were gathered and our SQL server was put back on line. We had 27 folks at a standstill that would have been unable to work for 2 days without this solution. While not as fast as a dedicated server it was fast enough to allow us to work and not lose those days of work. The transition back to the dedicated server was a painless restore process and had us soon ready to go back to work on the production server.

Brad Smith
President, Smith Berclair Insurance - Memphis TN