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What Our Clients Say

OLD provider had us down for 3 weeks, Final Source got us back up in 3 days

Air Masters was with a competitor and was attacked with Ransomware. They were down for over 3 weeks, their network had to be rebuilt because it wasn't backed up properly (they lost the domain), the owner suffered permanent data loss, and they had to pay us for an emergency migration.

Final Source got Air Masters back in business in a few days.

Choose your technology provider wisely - choose Final Source. 

Air Masters
Bartlett, TN 

The network performed flawlessly

We were the 3rd IT company Memphis Rise Academy had called over several weeks and after several weeks neither company was able to resolve their networking issues.  This was a major concern as standardized testing was going to be starting soon.  Final Source was able to resolve their issues in after less than 3 hours of consulting despite having never seen their network.  Final Source also had an engineer onsite when testing began on the first day to make sure there were no issues.  The network performed flawlessly.

Memphis Rise Academy 
Memphis, TN 

Professional Audiological Services

Professional Audiological Services moved to use from another provider.  Hear from the owner on how well the transition was and how we exceeded their expectations.

Loretta Coltharp 
Owner, Professional Audiological Services - Memphis, TN

They saved 2 days of work for 27 employees

After a recent server upgrade, I wanted to find time to test the disaster solution of the Backup/Virtual Server purchased from Final Source. Unfortunately, the new server failed and forced us to put the solution to the test quicker than planned. After a phone call to Final Source we were up and running with the Virtual SQL server replacing our new one in less than an hour. We ran 2 days on this Virtual Server while parts were gathered and our SQL server was put back on line. We had 27 folks at a standstill that would have been unable to work for 2 days without this solution. While not as fast as a dedicated server it was fast enough to allow us to work and not lose those days of work. The transition back to the dedicated server was a painless restore process and had us soon ready to go back to work on the production server.

Brad Smith 
President, Smith-Berclair Insurance - Memphis, TN 

Office 365 Migration

1.     What’s been the single biggest benefit to you and your company since moving to Office 365?  Being able to access our emails anywhere at any time and it’s like working from the office.
2.     What do you feel we do better than other IT firms you may have worked with in the past?  Communication with us prior to any changes or issues that come up.  I feel that this is your biggest asset.
3.     If someone was on the fence about choosing us as their IT firm, what would you say to them?  This company is very reliable, quick to respond and cares about their clients.

Shelia Nightwine
Director of Finance, Insurance Consulting Group- Memphis, TN

Windows 10 and Office 365 Support

Office 365 and Windows 10 work well together.
I had been putting off updating desktops to Windows 10 and the change to Office 365 went hand in hand in my company.
Office 365 has proven to be more flexible across my accounts and devices. I am able to more easily check different mailboxes from the same outlook instance.
Also, I can see the same accounts across my desktop, laptop and phone much more easily than before.
Final source has been a good partner for us. Tech support has been very quick to respond to my tickets, and in emergencies, I can almost always get a tech on the phone in a matter of minutes-It means a lot.
In the rare case where I cannot understand billing, someone always provides more detail and in the extremely rare case where I had discrepancies in billing, it was corrected quickly.
Final Source is not the only tech company I deal with. Like any business, there are a multitude of products and software vendors which I must interact with. Final Source is among the quickest response times and usually fix my issued the first time. I have no complaints.

Scott McMillin
Owner, WholeSale Imports- Memphis, TN

Firewall went down, but Final Source made sure we did not lose productivity.

I wanted to thank each of you for your help on Thursday & Friday when our Sonicwall went down.
The team was able to get the alert and reach out to me early Thursday to let me know. 
They also got the new Meraki overnighted to us and tracked it to let us know it was on its way.
The support team worked with multiple people in Houston and finally determined that the problem was a bad cable, and then they were able to get everything quickly setup.
We are back in operation on what could have been a bad Monday if we weren’t.
Thanks again guys for all your help !!

Jeff McCulley
Executive V.P., Statlink MD LLC- Memphis, TN

Hardware Project 

I reached out to Final Source on a project that we had coming up with getting new hardware and potentially virtualizing our servers.  Casey was great to work with and very knowledgeable and technical which is not your typical sales rep. He came up with a great solution which included redundant servers and a SAN (storage network) with very competitive pricing.   
Their team was on site within a week after ordering the equipment to begin the installation. The project went very smooth and finished well before the deadline and was also under budget. Their team was extremely technical and ran with the entire project. 
The project was a huge success and will continue to do business with Final Source for a long time! 
We have since expanded our relationship to include monitoring, managed security, and managed backup services. 
“Casey Condo is the only computer consultant who will tell you the truth.” – Jason Grant, Diversified Conveyor- Memphis, TN